Shooting at Kosice (Sk)

Still G

StiLL G, is a veteran talented producer, rapper, and songwriter from Italy. 

StiLL G started rapping and writing his own lyrics at the age of fifteen in the middle of the hip-hop golden age, the 90’s.

StiLL G’s music is inspired by west coast rap, g-funk, r&b from the mid-’90s, old school flow, melody, punchy beat, and classic funky lead, he likes playing piano and love gave his personal “soul touch” on his production
His music was influenced by late 2pac Shakur, Dr. Dre, Warren G, and all the r&b classics from the mid-’90s.

2009 StiLL G released his first song for a mixtape launch by a small Italian's g-funk lovers group, the mixtape is known as “ITALIAN G-FUNK VOL. 1“ with a discreet success across California, Europe, and Japan, available in all the most important digital stores by the American independent record label “Laylow INC”. StiLL G later follows up in 2010 with a free EP, few singles and finally in 2012 with his first studio album “ Nuthin’ But A G-Funksta” with international collaboration from worldwide brand new artists and veteran artists as “Foesum”(LBC), “Tormento” (Sottotono).
After the discreet success of his first album, StiLL G follows up with great projects first of all his own web radio “G-FUNK VIBEZ RADIO” play classics west coast rap, g-funk, r&b mid 90’s with international brand new artists from worldwide, after that other few singles and his second studio album “My Life” with the big hits “Nuthin’ But A Westcoast Party” and “Good-Bye My Baby” both awarded at the Los Angeles Akademia Music Awards in 2016.
“Thug 4 Life” (tribute to 2pac Shakur) third maxi-single from “My Life” scored 2k+ listening on Spotify after the release.
StiLL G now has taken his career to the next level and is currently signed to Bentley Records an International Record Label based in New York City with 2 brand new singles available now in all digital stores, an EP on the way and more brand new music to enjoy. To find out more, support him in all social network and spread the love.



JUNE 2011: 


Still G create a brand new web radio station will be the best West Coast Hip Hop, G-Funk, and Gangsta Rap radio station on the web, with strictly selected songs from the G-Funk era from worldwide artists.

    JANUARY 2016:

    "Ain't Nuthin' But A West Coast Party " (Feat. Foesum, Gaya-K & Dj K.I.P)

    Best Rap/Funk Song @ The Los Angeles Akademia Music Awards 


    FEBRUARY 2016:

    "Good-Bye My Baby"(Feat. Tee-Fly)

    Best Latin Rap Song @ The Los Angeles Akademia Music Awards 


    May 2016:

    #1 Chart Position @ KMIX Los Angeles Radio with "Ain't Nuthin' But A West Coast Party"


    January 2017:

    #1 Chart Position @ POWER XR WEST COAST RADIO NETWORK with "Ain't Nuthin' But A West Coast Party"


    January 2018:

    #1 Chart Position @ HOT XR SOUTH WEST RADIO NETWORK with "Ain't Nuthin' But A West Coast Party"


    April 2018:

    #6 Position on the Italian's Independent Emerging Artists Airplay Radio Chart for 2 weeks after the official radio date of the song "Reminisce Of You" (Ft Ran)


    October 2018:

    Collision Course (Feat Slapy & Creeper) 

    Top 20 on the Official Independent Italian's Artist Airplay Radio Charts 


    January 2019:

    StiLL G former a west coast rap duo with Slapy"StiLL G & Slapy"


    May 2019:

    "Endless" By StiLL G & Slapy

    "Endless" go to the official Top 10 Indie Euro Charts after 2 weeks Europe playing the songs in their radio stations, after 1-month "Endless" point straight to 15th rank in the World Indie Radio Charts

    "The Official YouTube Video ranking 70k in 3 months after release"




    Los Angeles Akademia Music Awards

    Best Song Rap/Funk - Gennaio 2016

    Ain't Nuthin' But A West Coast Party (Feat. Foesum, Gaya-K, Dj K.I.P)

    Ain't Nuthin But A West Coast Party (Feat. Foesum, Gaya-K, Dj K.I.P)

    StiLL G

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    The first extract from the second StiLL G album "My Life" the lucky track which win the Los Angeles Akademia Music Awards in January 2016 as "Best Rap/Funk Song", which won 6 awards from West Coast / South /East Coast and Latin America Web Radio Network at #1 position on the Hip Hop Chart for one month (May 2016; January 2017; January 2018; March 2018; March 2019) KMIX RADIO; POWER XR (WEST COAST RADIO NETWORK); HOT XR (SOUTHWEST RADIO NETWORK); STAR 100 RADIO NETWORK (LATIN AMERICA RADIO NETWORK); WNYR (THE ROCK OF MANHATTAN)

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    Los Angeles Akademia Music Awards

    Best Latin Rap Song - Febbraio 2016

    "Good Bye My Baby" (Feat. Tee-Fly)

    #1 On The Hip Hop Charts - MAGGIO 2016




    "Los Angeles - San Francisco - San Diego - Seattle - Portland "

    In Reminisce of you i ricordi diventano reali in ogni verso, così nella voce di StiLL G riescono a farsi presenza gli umori e le sensazioni legate a una vecchia storia d’amore, il pensiero di lei, quella donna amata che ha dato tanto ma che ha anche tolto parecchio. Il pezzo diventa un’altalena di umori che segnano frammenti di vita e come in un mosaico di flashback ricompone il passato fatto di amore e di odio. Alla fine, però, la consapevolezza che tutto si conclude così come la canzone che esaurisce il tempo a sua disposizione arrivando allo scoccar dell’ultima nota. ”

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