Portrait of an Italian G-Funkster


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StiLL G Italian awarded west coast rap, R&B, G-Funk producer, songwriter, rapper, back with brand new music totally inspired by rap/hip hop from mid 90's as pioneer like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and the late 2pac Shakur. Italian Westcoast Rap is back!

StiLL G back with brand new music, 6 songs with the best G-Funk, West Coast Rap and R&B totally inspired by mid 90's, produced by himself with important guests as Bo Roc (The Dove Shack, LBC), Foesum (LBC), brand new rapper from Mexico, Chicago and Milano City (Mendoza, Creeper, Papy Slapy) and a great R&B song launched as first EP single (Reminisce Of You) with a great Italian singer Ranieri Di Biagio, now available in all italians radios, worldwide streaming service and worldwide digital stores. Hip Hop is not dead, R&B is not dead, Italian west Coast Rap resurrect more strong and over all younger "trap" music phenomenon. 90's is back!

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