Gliding out of the silence with an angelic glow, the gentle melody that opens up the aptly-titled “Endless,” from none other than Still G & Slapy, hypnotizes us with its harmonic tonality, depth of unspoken emotion and undying virtuosity” - Bethany Page

Vents Magazine

Still G & Slapy are still finding their footing in the international rap lexicon, but I’ve got a gut feeling that this single is going to go a long way towards establishing their moniker as among the most respected and reliable in the business right now” - Gwen Waggoner

Skope Magazine

Hip-hop is a genre that was built on the backs of true music aficionados, who worshipped the beats that they laced into their music, and in Still G & Slapy, I hear two artists that are just as committed, just as affected and devoted to their medium as any of the icons that came before them were.” - Michael Rand


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